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Jan. 30th, 2021 02:21 pm
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Welcome to the Wayback Exchange! This gift exchange is focused only on canons that ended more than 10 years ago. That means that for the 2019 round, the only canons eligible will be ones with no new material published or released after December 31, 2009. By signing up, you are agreeing to produce at least one fanwork about a fandom AND a character and/or relationship that your recipient requested.

Minimum Requirements

Fanfiction is to be a minimum of 1,000 words.

Fanart must be one finished illustration or two sketches on unlined paper. Line art counts as a sketch. A finished illustration includes shading/color and background.

Podfics must be a complete recording of a story of at least 1,000 words and fulfills your recipient's request. If the story was written by someone else, you must obtain permission from the original creator. If you wish to write the story yourself, you can definitely do that - the minimum word count in that case would be 600 words, to accommodate the extra effort required to both write and record.

If you'd like to create something else, leave me a comment or send me an email and we can work out minimum requirements for it.


You may request: 4 - 10 canons, with 1 - 20 tags (character, relationship).
You may offer: 4 - 10 canons, with 2 - 20 tags (character, relationship).

And finally, you may nominate: 6 canons, with up to 8 tags (character, relationship).


Eligibility Review Period: February 1 - 12
Nominations: February 13 - February 20
Sign Ups: February 23 - March 2
Assignments will be sent by: March 9
Works due: May 10
Works Revealed: May 19
Authors Revealed: May 27

All deadlines are at 10 PM, Mountain Standard Time.

Some FAQs beneath the cut! Don't hesitate to comment with questions.

FAQs )
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A few more clarifications needed! As usual, let me know if you see typos/mistakes/floating tags.

Parade's End/Lord of the Rings Nominators

Do you prefer the tags formatted to books/tv/movies? I need all the LoTR nominators to chime in before I change it.

Black Jack (Anime & Manga)

Is Young Black Jack (2011) the same franchise? Is it distinct enough from the rest of the canon to be considered separate?

Fantasy VII Nominator/s

Did you intend to use the compilation tag, or do you want it limited to the video game?

The Millionaire (TV)

In regards to the tag "Any Millionaire & None" - by this you mean the characters who receive the money in each episode, correct? Is "Any Beneficiary & None" acceptable?
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Here's a good place to get together and coordinate what you're nominating! Offer any open slots you have, ask for a relationship or character you don't have room for, etc. Have fun!
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All Media Types fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Parade's End)

Please make sure that you don't want a specific version nominated versus the general tag (books vs. movies/TV series). Remember that when requesting and offering, if the general tag is nominated, your recipient/writer could only be familiar with one.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Is this the same as Final Fantasy VII? Both are eligible, but are they different enough for it to matter which one is used?

And as always, if you see any errors, typos, or floating tags, let me know ASAP and I'll get it fixed!
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Voltron: Lion Force (1984)

Allura/Lance (DotU)

Allura/Lotor (DotU)

Keith/Sven (DotU)

You've nominated Lion Force, but you seem to have disambiguated the tags for Defender of the Universe (2011), which is ineligible. Do these characters appear in Lion Force, and if they do - is the canon a separate entity enough from the more recent TV shows to be eligible?

And, related: Voltron: Vehicle Force (1984)

This seems to be a separate category of the canon, but is the more recent material in the same continuity/with the same characters?

Parade's End - All Media Types

I assumed you wanted the TV series, but let me know if you'd like this specified to the novels instead.
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HERE! Hashtag nice. But first -
RULES! Please read 'em.

You may nominate up to 6 fandoms, with up to 8 tags (either a character, or a relationship).

& is for platonic. / is for romantic/sexual. Please don't mix them up! Combinations of & and / ARE allowed.

Please format solo character nominations as follows: Firstname Lastname & None. Rest assured - this means you are still matching on a single character! This is a workaround to make the AO3 interface accommodate the type of matching we're doing.
EXAMPLE: to nominate James Kirk, please format your nomination as:

James Kirk & None
Relationships would follow this same format, only with a second person included, as follows:
James Kirk & Nyota Uhura


James Kirk/Nyota Uhura
If you are nominating a crossover pairing, please include the canons in parentheses, and be sure to nominate it under Crossover Fandom:
James Kirk (Star Trek: TOS)/Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
Make sure you follow the community (or check in regularly) for clarification questions. I will be posting questions I have as I clean up the tagset. Remember that you can still make a case for your borderline fandoms on the eligibility post up until the tagset closes on February 20.

Any questions, leave me a comment or shoot me an email at waybackexchange@gmail.com!


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Welcome! To the 2019 Eligibility Post!

This is the place to make your case for any canons that you know live in the gray area of "does this count as ten years old?" I will keep a running list here of the canons that I have decided on, one way or another.

When making your case, please include the canon's full name (as you would nominate it in the tagset), the date(s) of all the canon material that has been released, and your reasoning as to why I should accept it. Here's an example:

Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine (1997)

A prequel, Ogre Enchanted, was published in 2018. While the events of Ogre take place in the same timeline/continuity, it follows a main character who did not appear in Ella. The main cast of Ogre is for the most part completely separate, apart from two characters (their identities being spoilers) who were extensively mentioned in Ella, but appeared only briefly in the original book. Therefore, I feel as if the two novels should be considered separate canons.

ETA 2/10/19: In cases of tie-in comics and novels, my rule of thumb is: 1. are the tie-ins well known? 2. are they by the same creators? and 3. does it clearly follow the original canon in terms of continuity/characters? If the answer is "no" to at least two of these, I won't consider them as disqualifying material. If you disagree with me about a particular judgment call, feel free to point out why - I'm not super familiar with everything, and Google can only do so much!

List of Reviewed Fandoms )
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